Why You Should Build Creativity in the Workplace

“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”- Howard RuffWhen you think about it, creativity really is about taking a leap of faith.Because creativity allows you to visualize that which isn’t…that which you can’t see. And when creativity is applied to business, it lets you take that which isn’t, and transform it into ideas that can change the world. Or at least your company.Now, I’m the first one to admit there are some people who have a hard time putting the words creativity and business together. Business is about numbers, profit and loss statements, taxes. Where does creativity fit in?Everywhere within your organization.Businesses that lack creativity will be businesses that get left behind. Think about it… companies that bring innovation and breakthrough ideas to the table are the ones that continue to grow and prosper.If you don’t believe me, think about Apple, Microsoft, Google. They were once small businesses. But I guarantee you that size was the only thing small about them. They were big thinkers. Thinkers who could use their creativity and imaginations to envision a very large future.Could you be the next Google? Anything is possible. Especially when you nurture creative thinking in your organization.Because creative thinking is what can separates you from your competition. And if you’re not an organization that promotes creative thinking, you probably aren’t as profitable as you could be.Creativity is what drives the next breakthrough idea. It’s what discovers an innovative approach to solving a problem.
In short, creativity opens up a vast world of possibilities.If that’s not reason enough, you should encourage creativity in the workplace because it simply makes for a better working environment. People want to express the creativity we were all born with.Whoa. Stop. Back up.Did I say, we are all born creative? Surely, I just meant those of us who were born with paintbrush and pencil in hand?Uh-uh. We were all born creative. If you doubt it, all you have to do is watch children play. But somewhere along the way, we were told to “quit daydreaming.” We were told to get real – to start thinking logically.So we grew up. (Well, most of us did.)Our imaginations dimmed, and we started to see the problems instead of the possibilities.So what do you say we all take a giant step backward?It’s time to start tapping into your creative resources. I promise you have them. We owe it to our companies, our employees, and most of all…ourselves.